VNAA Blueprint for Excellence

The VNAA Blueprint for Excellence is a comprehensive quality improvement and workforce training resource for home health and hospice providers. It is designed to provide information and tools for care providers, payers, policymakers, researchers and others with a stake in improving care transitions and care at the end of life.

Available at no cost, the VNAA Blueprint includes research- and practice-based tools and training, as well as measurement and evaluation resources to guide home health care practices. This web-based tool–available at–is easy to use, easy to access and available any time.

The VNAA Blueprint reinforces our commitment to patient-centered care via home health workforce development, tools, measurement and evaluation processes. VNAA believes this is the premier resource for a health care industry hungry for valid, trustworthy best practices in home health care.

The Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA) supports, promotes and advances nonprofit providers of home and community-based health care, hospice and health promotion services to ensure quality care for their communities. To meet these goals, VNAA recently launched the “Engaging in Quality” initiative to provide resources for evidence-based, quality improvement practices through the identification and distribution of best practices, case studies and other resources to nonprofit health providers across the country. VNAA’s “Engaging in Quality” initiative will help members ensure accountability for performance and remain leaders in improving the experience of care, improving the health of populations, and reducing per capita costs of health care. 

The first component of this initiative is the VNAA Blueprint for Excellence: Pathway to Best Practices.  A primary goal of this first work product is to assist VNAA members and other nonprofit home health providers in reducing hospitalization and improving patient experience. VNAA convened a Best Practices Work Group comprised of clinical and quality improvement leaders to identify and define best practices for these goals, outline critical interventions and/or action steps, develop and/or identify tools, training programs (for both clinical leaders as well as visiting staff) and measurements. The groundbreaking development of the ten best practices incorporated in The VNAA Blueprint is a result. VNAA believes these best practices can be incorporated into home health organizations to improve the overall quality of care.