In conjunction with expert faculty and top professionals in the home-based care industry, ElevatingHOME and VNAA provide an extensive array of educational programming and resources to support our members.

We understand clinical staff must stay current on new treatments, technology, and procedures to deliver quality care. Likewise, professionals managing home-based care agencies face changes in business practices, regulations, and reporting requirements.

Clinical Procedure Manual
Blueprint for Excellence
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Clinical Procedure Manual

VNAA is pleased to present the latest edition of the award-winning Clinical Procedure Manual (CPM), a staple of home-based care agencies committed to ensuring high quality care for each patient at each visit. As the backbone of clinical practice, it is imperative that clinical procedures be performed in a consistent, reliable way by each clinician each time. 

The CPM is reviewed biannually to ensure its content meets current professional guidelines and best practices while supporting its purpose; to enable providers to deliver the best care possible to patients. In this revision, contributing editors represent a diverse interdisciplinary group of professionals. This streamlined edition is based on updated professional guidelines, integrates recommended tools directly into procedures and places a new emphasis on patient/family education needs and documentation.

Information on the hard copy and access to the digital platform, offered through Elsevier, is available here.

Blueprint for Excellence

The Blueprint for Excellence is a comprehensive quality improvement and workforce training resource for the home-based care industry. It is designed to provide information and tools for care providers, payers, policymakers, researchers, and others with a stake in improving care transitions and care at the end-of-life.

Available to members at no cost, the Blueprint for Excellence includes research and practice-based tools and training, as well as measurement and evaluation resources to guide home-based care practices. The web-based tool---available here --- is easy to use, easy to access, and available any time. 

Upcoming Events

VNAA and ElevatingHOME host a variety of virtual and in-person events in support of home-based care providers. Click here for a listing of upcoming events.