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Exclusive Journal of VNAA Members

VNAA members receive a complimentary subscription to the Home Healthcare Nurse Journal as part of their membership. In addition, VNAA authors a monthly column in the publication called “VNAA Voice”. We encourage you and your staff to read this insightful publication and VNAA column monthly to stay up-to-date on the latest trends in our industry.

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VNAA Voice Authors

Thank for helping lend your expert voice to our column. Below you will find guidelines and helpful tips when writing your article.

VNAA Voice articles must not exceed 900 words. If citing outside articles or sources, please be sure to cite your resources in the body of your article and as references at the end per the guidelines outlined in the guideline document below. All articles should be submitted to VNAA at [email protected]. VNAA will take care of editting and formatting the document and submitting directly to Home Healthcare Nurse Journal’s editors.

Helpful Author Guide – overall guidelines for submissions

Author Copyright Form (PDF) – please print and sign and submit back to VNAA with your article.