Mission, Vision and Values


The VNAA will support, promote and advance nonprofit providers of home and community-based healthcare, hospice and health promotion services to ensure quality care for their communities.


Our communities are healthier through quality care provided in a way and place people choose.

Our Values

Access to Care: We believe all persons should have access to affordable, high-quality, compassionate home and community-based healthcare, hospice and health promotion services, regardless of the complexity of care or ability to pay.

Excellence: We strive for the highest possible levels of service, patient care, ethical conduct and integrity as we support the nonprofit mission in delivering healthcare.

Transparency: We will share information and communicate openly among member organizations, stakeholder groups, VNAA staff and the Board of Directors in order to achieve our mission.

Accountability: We will generate reliable and accurate data and information, and we are accountable to our members and the public for delivering measurable outcomes and results.

Member Engagement: Our members guide our work to advance VNAA’s mission.

Stewardship: We embrace our responsibility for securing and managing available resources efficiently and effectively in pursuit of our mission.

Leadership: Embracing a sense of optimism, we believe that we can affect major changes in our communities to improve their health.