VNAA Blueprint for Excellence

VNAA introduces a new quality improvement and workforce training resource, the VNAA Blueprint for Excellence. It is a designed to provide information and tools for home health organizations, payers, policymakers, researchers and others with a stake in improving care transitions.

Available at no cost, the VNAA Blueprint includes research- and practice-based tools and training, as well as measurement and evaluation resources to guide home health care practices. This web-based tool–available at–is easy to use, easy to access and available any time.

The VNAA Blueprint reinforces our commitment to patient-centered care via home health workforce development, tools, measurement and evaluation processes. VNAA believes this is the premier resource for a health care industry hungry for valid, trustworthy best practices in home health care.

P.S. (Please Steal)
Ten Things You Can Do To Help

  1. Gear up to be an amplifier: Go to the VNAA website ( and bookmark this page so you’re ready to download materials.
  2. Download the VNAA Blueprint hot button and link it to and ask your webmaster to post it to your organization’s intranet or Website. If you are a VNA, post it on your home page.
  3. Look for the introductory blog about the VNAA Blueprint from VNAA President and CEO, Tracey Moorhead(September 24). Tweet it, or share it on LinkedIn.
  4. You’ll receive the official VNAA Blueprint press release(September 26)—share it with at least three leaders in your organization and three colleagues outside your organization.
  5. The introductory issue brief will also be available Sept. 26: Share it with your organization’s executive committee and board of directors.
  6. A second VNAA Blueprint issue brief will be released Oct. 2: Share it on social media.
  7. The first Case Example: “Care Initiation: VNA HealthGroup” will be released Thursday, Oct. 17. Use it in your monthly in-service to introduce staff to the best practices concept and the VNAA Blueprint.
  8. Case examples 2 – 4 will be released every two weeks, starting Oct. 31: Nudge your education director to incorporate them into the curriculum for organizational quality improvement.
  9. Bring your clinical leadership a cup of coffee: and introduce them to the VNAA Blueprint via a desktop tour.
  10. Sign up for VNAA Blueprint updates on the website:

Please feel free to download and distribute these logos and link it to and ask your webmaster to post it to your organization’s intranet or Website. If you are a VNA, post it on your home page.

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