Visiting Nurse Associations of America and National Research Corporation Launch Partnership to Help Drive Research and Advocacy Efforts for VNAA Members


Members will receive comprehensive and robust information to demonstrate quality and value in the home-based care market

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

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WASHINGTON, DC—January 7, 2015—Today, the Visiting Nurse Associations of America (VNAA)and OCS HomeCare by National Research Corporation announced a partnership to develop a comprehensive research database to provide evidence-based information to assist in research and advocacy efforts. The VNAA Nonprofit Industry Research Database will provide VNAA and its members a broad perspective of quality, service utilization, financial, and outcomes performance allowing insight into the unique value VNAA members bring to their communities and the home-based care market.

Information from the database will provide input for on-going advocacy efforts, research projects, and policy initiatives to assist with VNAA’s overarching strategic goals. Participation in the database project will be open to all VNAA affiliate members at no cost. The VNAA Nonprofit Industry Research Database will include member data as well as other publicly available data sets that are already part of the OCS HomeCare database from National Research. This will allow VNAA access to comprehensive, up-to-date information on the home-based care industry to better understand: patient profiles, variance in performance on specific quality measures, potential impact of policy initiatives, and other indicators.

“The VNAA Nonprofit Industry Research Database is the cornerstone of VNAA’s advocacy and quality initiatives with real-time data and analytics to show how home-based care can reduce costs, readmission rates and gather data on other performance indicators,” said Tracey Moorhead, president and CEO of VNAA. “We look forward to our partnership with OCS HomeCare by National Research to provide a clear picture of the value of nonprofit home-based care industry.”

VNAA will create Quarterly Benchmark Reports on data collected from all participating agencies. These reports will include aggregate scores on a variety of quality measures determined by both participating VNAA members and the Research Database Advisory Board. In addition to the quarterly reports, VNAA’s Research Database Advisory Board will develop an ad hoc research agenda. This research agenda will allow VNAA to query the database on issues related to key advocacy, quality, and education initiatives.

“We are thrilled VNAA selected National Research as its partner for the Nonprofit Industry Research Database initiative. We look forward to providing them a wealth of information and data to assist with research, strategic goals, and advocacy efforts,” said Mary Oakes, Senior Vice President of Healthcare Analytics at National Research. “The work VNAA does for their members is tremendously impactful and this partnership will allow members to gain a clear picture into a broad range of quality, service, financial, and outcomes performance information to help advance overall quality and care in the home health industry.”

An Advisory Board comprised of VNAA members and external industry research experts will guide the database and research initiative. The Advisory Board will determine both the initial structure of the quarterly reports as well as the ad hoc research agenda. The Advisory Board will be led by VNAA Board members Joseph Scopelliti, CEO, VNA Health System and Timothy Veach, Intermountain Healthcare. Scopelliti will serve as Advisory Board Chair and Veach will serve as Vice-Chair. 

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