Laura Page-Greifinger

Laura Page-Greifinger, RN, BSN, MPA

President and CEO
Quality In Real Time

Ms. Page-Greifinger has more than 30 years of experience in senior level health care management experience, developing a number of new programs and providing a variety of services and programs to clients with the result of positive outcomes. These services included integrated health care services, designed to mesh with the operating entity’s mission and goals. At times these programs were the first of its kind in a region, necessitating education of many levels of professionals and community organizations as well as people who would refer people to the program for care. Laura’s main focus is on organizational structure, staff needed to succeed in this structure, key indicator development, quality outcomes for patients within the structure, project management, financial analysis and profitability.

Laura earned her bachelor’s degree in nursing, and chose her entry career in the field of home health care with the leader of the industry. Over the years, Laura has moved up within the industry to hold every position in this business, including Chief Executive Officer. During this time, she also earned a master’s degree in the Executive Program, Public Administration. For 25 years Laura served at senior levels in the health care industry, which included for profit, not for profit, hospital based, facility based and free standing corporate environments. Ms. Page-Greifinger started nine separate agencies which included Certified Skilled Services, Long Term Home Health Care Programs, Private Duty, Hospice and Early Intervention Program development. Within each of the agencies, multiple product lines were developed. In addition, Laura has executive experience as well as extensive consulting experience with managed care programs and capitated programs such as PACE and Managed Long Term Care Plans. All programs started by Laura remain strong and viable today alluding to the strong foundation that she constructed. 

Laura has also served on multiple Boards of Directors and has been faculty for Community Health Programs at the Baccalaureate and Graduate level. The most current years of Ms. Page-Greifinger’s career have been devoted to consulting with corporate entities to lay the foundation for success in the industry whether through start up, strategic planning, strategic positioning of the organization, quality management, compliance monitoring, policy and processes, financial viability, or operational process flow. Laura is an owner of a company, Quality In Real Time that has five divisions that provide services through electronic medical record auditing, Coding and OASIS review, UAS Review, quality assurance audits, compliance audits and other types of reviews with credentialed compliance specialists across the country, and also provides clinical consultation such as operational reviews, interim management and Certificate of Need Applications, financial services such as revenue cycle management and educational programs such as OASIS training, UAS training (for Managed Long Term Care) and Hospice.  

Laura’s extensive experience in the health care field includes executive management, program development, educational programs, strategic positioning and operational and strategic planning for companies, no matter the auspice. She has expertise in operational processes, program applications for regulatory approval, team building, start-up of organizations, policy and process development and flow, and she specializes in strategic planning, quality oversight and compliance, and analysis of operational processes to build impressive patient outcomes and improvement of financial results.