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Relias Learning

Relias Learning

Relias Learning offers online training to post-acute care, health and human services, autism and applied behavior analysis, public safety, payers, and intellectual and developmental disabilities organizations. Their mission is to measurably improve the lives of the most vulnerable members of society and those who care for them.

Though the name Relias Learning is new, the organization has been delivering online training programs to organizations with specialized needs since 2002.

By bringing together Silverchair Learning Systems, Essential Learning, Care2Learn, Hospice Education Network, Autism Training Solutions, Academy Medical, Redilearning, and AIS systems Relias provides its clients with a wealth of courses and dedicated support to meet their compliance needs. Strong partnerships with leading advocacy and professional organizations enable Relias to create engaging, relevant, and timely learning experiences.

VNAA/Relias Learning Partnership Launch Webinar Recording

Tracey Moorhead, President and CEO, VNAA and Katie Detwiler, Strategic Partner Manager, Relias Learning introduce the new partnership with Relias Learning and the benefits to VNAA members.

The research arm of Relias Learning investigates and carries out clinical research studies related to prevention, treatment, and delivery of services to people with health conditions.