Through a partnership with ConferenceDirect, VNAA is pleased to offer State Association members an exclusive offer.
As a state association, you are often tasked with the logistical challenges of planning events. Whether you are a small association with limited resources or a large association that could use a helping hand, ConferenceDirect offers services that can make planning your next event easier.
ConferenceDirect’s mission is to minimize risk and increase your return on investment, while saving you time. Experts provide knowledge and insight into the economics of the meetings world, adding their leverage and buying power to you. 
ConferenceDirect does the legwork for you, including building a comprehensive request for proposal, finding the right cities, finding the right hotels, and then negotiating the best terms in your contract—at no cost to your Association.
Here are a few of the services ConferenceDirect provides VNAA State Association members at no charge.
Site Selection/Venue Selection
ConferenceDirect has access to a custom platform, with more than 220,000 venues loaded into its system. When you provide the cities you are considering, ConferenceDirect will build the Request for Proposal and the system will instantly give us hotels that might meet your criteria. 
ConferenceDirect will then put these hotels into a grid for you to review, with dates, rates, concessions, meeting space, options, deadlines, etc.
Site selection saves you and your organization hours of emails, phone calls and research for venues. 
Contracts/Preferred Agreements
A major benefit of working with ConferenceDirect is that you will have access to its Preferred Agreements.  Preferred Vendors include Marriott, Starwood, Hilton, Hyatt, Intercontinental, MGM, Caesars, to name a few. 
Each of the agreements are specific to the hotel brand and sometimes ownership and have slight variances in the terms and conditions. However, they all focus on getting the best business terms in the contract on your behalf. 
Rates and Concessions
Concessions, room rates, food and beverage (f&b) minimums, rental and other costs are always negotiable. These items vary but they are typically based on the size of the program, the occupancy and forecasted occupancy of the hotel, the anticipated revenue that the hotel has forecasted for this time frame and both yours and their flexibility. ConferenceDirect negotiates every item on your behalf. 
Other Services on a Fee Basis

  • Housing Management
  • Registration Management
  • Mobile App Technology
  • Conference Management (including pre-Meeting and on site)
  • Strategic Meetings Management
 Here are some additional resources from ConferenceDirect:
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