VNAA Announces New Purchasing Program for Members

VNAA Transitions from Old MVP Program to New Purchase Clinic Program

By: Visiting Nurse Associations of America on 5/5/2015

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VNAA Announces New Purchasing Program for Members

VNAA Transitions from Old MVP Program to New Purchase Clinic Program

Washington, D.C., May 5, 2015 – VNAA is restructuring its current Member Value Plan (MVP) to a new program called the VNAA Purchase Clinic Program. The new program’s online contract marketplace and support staff will provide enhanced access and utilization of the MedAssets group purchasing program. The program was restructured and re-launched in an effort to add more value and benefit for VNAA members. Moving forward, it will include additional staff and technology to translate the value of the MedAssets contract portfolio into realized savings.

Participating in VNAA’s new Purchase Clinic Program is one of the simplest ways for VNAA members to receive value from their VNAA membership. When fully utilized, the program can easily save a member hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

“We are very excited about the additional benefits and value that this new program will bring to our members,” said Tracey Moorhead, president and CEO of VNAA. “The VNAA Purchase Clinic Program will better serve our mission and membership by translating the value of the MedAssets contract portfolio into realized member savings. “

Purchase Clinic is an online contract selection tool, which provides access to the MedAssets contract portfolio. This enhanced support and technology platform ensures the fastest and easiest sign-up process in the group purchasing industry. MedAssets has contracts with over 2,000 individual health care related vendors, and most manufacturers. Through the new program, VNAA members will have access to thousands of different supplies and services in areas such as home health , hospice, durable medical equipment, food services, housekeeping, infusion and others. Purchase Clinic is designed to help VNAA members save money on supplies and services used every day.


About MedAssets

With over 134,000 members, MedAssets is one of the largest Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) serving health care providers in the United States. MedAssets leverages the buying power of these members to bring them significant savings on more than 700,000 supply items from hundreds of manufacturers, suppliers and distributors.

Through VNAA’s affiliation with MedAssets, VNAA member agencies have access to these savings. This means that even small, independent home health and hospice agencies can receive the same pricing advantages as large hospital systems. In order to access these savings, VNAA members are encouraged to sign-up on VNAA’s Website.

To learn more about this new membership benefit, please visit VNAA’s website or send an email to [email protected]. You may also call 1.844.899.VNAA.

Frequently asked questions about the program can be found at

About VNAA

VNAA is a national association which supports, promotes and advances nonprofit providers of high-quality home health, hospice and palliative care. These providers are community-based, and provide a full range of prevention and health care programs. VNAA members share a mission to provide cost-effective and compassionate care to some of the nation’s most vulnerable individuals, particularly the elderly and individuals with disabilities.

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